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Bobby Curtis has Passed Away
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Bobby's wife still has them.

A note from Bobby's wife, Judy Irete:

" I had to cancel the 1st memorial but have now scheduled another.

I have created a tribute to Bobby in his workshop. Childhood, Army, 5-string banjo player, New Mexico, Kwajalein Island, working years at Perkin-Elmer. The centerpiece is a 20 ft strip sea kayak - one of the last he designed & built. He left a photo record of building his 1st kayak inside the house.

I want to honor all aspects of his life. I will have the workshop open for visitors every day for at least 3 weeks beginning July 13. I hope that there are still a few paddlers from Connyak who could come by.

Thanks, Judy"

Anyone wanting to visit Bobby's place in Woodbury should call Judy first to confirm the date and time.

The address is;

27 Scratchville Rd.
Woodbury, CT 06798

Judy's phone # is 203-263-3589
What did happen with Bobby's boats?
I didn't know Bobby very well, but he struck me as a kind and generous guy who devised unusual solutions for kayaking challenges. I have a set of Sea Spirit plans and will definitely keep them in homage to Bobby.

It would be a real shame to see his boats destroyed. Does QUSA have a place where they could be stored and perhaps used to help introduce people to paddling?
Bobby Curtis was an early supporter of QajaqUSA. He promoted kayak building by offering his designs under the name

I just got off the phone with his wife Judy Irete. Judy has a barn full of kayaks that Bobby made that she would like to see go to a good home, otherwise she will cut them up and throw them out.

Bobby and his work are very representative of the enthusiasm people had during the early days of the Greenland kayaking movement in the US.

If anyone has thoughts on what to do with his boats, please contact me.
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