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Building season
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I finally finished a project that has taken a few years. I completed the last paddle in a series that is designed to see what fits any given person. Not just a guess,{as in anthropometric} but a try to see series. This series consists of 3 different widths of paddles> With 5 paddles for each width. The blade sections are all one inch different from the next, and all the paddles have adjustable looms. Infinite adjustments to try.

It's been a fun project.
I'm about to start my first SOF build. I'm working from Cunningham's book, and it seems like the design calls for the masik to be just aft of the knee and the seeqqortarfik to be ahead of the knee. Is this just a design choice to make the cockpit bigger? It seems like the traditional frames I've seen have the seeqqortarfik just aft of the knee and the masik set to be well engaged over the thighs. Obviously, this makes a smaller cockpit, but is it too small?

What are the pros and cons to moving the seeqqortarfik aft of the knee? Am I risking not being able to position the masik where I can get in and out safely? If I just build to Cunningham's design, will I have enough engagement on the masik to roll with strength and grace?

My intent is to have a qajaq for rolling, play, and short paddles. I have a Night Heron for longer paddles and camping. Long distance comfort is secondary, but I still want a qajaq that isn't painful to be in.
I might crank out a couple of paddles ... even though I'm truly lousy with a GP. Lots of other projects have higher priority though.

Ken Blanton
Building season is upon us here in the midwest. I have a couple frames to skin, and will be making a bunch of paddles.

What are your qajaq or gear building plans for the cold months?
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