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Best wood glue to use
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There are plans for that kayak, aren't there? What did the plans recommend?


2 part epoxy and screws would probably work. However, traditional kayaks were just lashed, no glue, no fasteners. Most folks use atrificial sinew these days and it worke very well. SOF kayaks are pretty flexible, so lashing works very well ans screws and glue make real stiff joints that attract more load. Consider ditching the glue and screw ffsteners for lashing.

TThere are several book that detail lashing patternes and methods: kayaks of greenland, Chris cunninghams book, etc.

Seal all of the exposed plywood edges with epoxy as open plywood end grain acts like a sponge and plywood rots out rrather easily.


Building skin on frame 2 person Kayak as designed by Percy Blandford (circa 1960 design). 8 Lb ballistic nylon stretched and ribs are 3/8" marine plywood and the open frames are 2-ply, glued with 2 part epoxie. Planning to attach gunwale and stringers using brass screws and 2-part epoxie. Kayak will be strictly flat fresh water. Will coat with 2-part Urethane.

Will use Western Red cedar or Eastern white pine, whichever is available and makes sense price wise. This is my 3rd Kayak built. First 2 were Airplane Dope on Duck back in the 60's.

Will the 2-part epoxie / brass screws give me the added strength needed without being too brittle?

Thank you... Tom

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