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Suggestions for Surface Repair of 'Micro-tears...
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thanks for the reply

In The Aleutian kayak, Wolfgang Brinck mentions using latex roofing paint as a glue to stick a patch on. Doubtless you could use other things in the same fashion. Not sure how something like Marine 5200 would adhere to painted canvas but it sticks to nylon.

I used gorilla turkey tape on tiny ears and that's held up for 4 years so far perfectly

My aging canvas SOF has a couple of very small leaks that are in hard-to-get-to spots backed by wood. They are normal wear-and-tear abrasion or degradation of paint/canvas due to stretching. As much as I dislike the idea of plugging them with adhesive or other commercial stuff, I have no choice. I also realize that this is a temporary fix and I will have to re-skin the boat at some point. Can you recommend a product you have used for similar damage control? Thanks. Tom

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