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White polyurethane resin
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Thanks David - just tried it with some epoxy for another project and it gives a good looking, opaque finish. I think it will be fine with polyurethane resin as well

Titanium dioxide is the go-to pigment to get the whitest white possible. I haven’t mixed it in Corey’s Goop, but it works very well in epoxy.


Hi. Just finished skinning my SOF kayak with 9 ounce nylon. Have Cory’s Goop polyurethane to apply and want to keep the skin white (on my last one I used rare earth powder pigments and it came out fine, but for this one I want white). Have been advised that tinting the goop with titanium dioxide powder will work. Does anyone have any experience with this or other ways to get a decent white tint for two part polyurethane? Have some West Systems white pigment that is also an option, but unsure about that since it is in an epoxy suspension and don’t know how it will mix with poly resin. Thanks for any thoughts/advice/tips on this.

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