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Gloves for use with Brooks Tuilik
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Thanks, Dan, excellent info. Mark

Mark —

I’ve been using the Brooks mittens for years. Now on my third pair. Although they don’t seal all the water out, they are warm enough to keep my hands warm all winter up here in New England, despite my circulation issues. And they’re not overly expensive.

— Dan Segal

Looking for input/suggestions on cold-water gloves that will seal to my Brooks Tuilik during rolling practice sessions. Water temp on the S. Chesapeake was 40 degrees last weekend, functioning hands are important. I've cut and narrowed the wrists of a pair of gauntlet-style Glacier Gloves, they fit under the tuilik sleeves and make for a good seal, but the Glacier's soak up water after a while. NRS Mavericks do not seal well to the tuilik sleeves. NRS Toasters don't interface with the tuilik sleeves at all. TIA, Mark.
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