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Commercial Paddles?
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Thanks you all!

I've sent the suggestions on to Doug.

-- Dan

I’m in NW CT, not involved with anything in the Boston area.
I don’t have a web site or anything, some of my work you might have seen on stage, I did a lot of the custom work at a little shop in New Hartford CT.

John, do you have any references on the net to your luthier work?  There is a rich history of woodworking around the Boston area (MFA, North Bennett St School), wondering if you have any connection.

On 11/17/2020 8:05 AM, John Henry ( wrote:
A market I would like to get into. I have been a Carpenter/Luthier almost 40 years now. If your looking for a custom supplier let me know, I do Aluet style also.
For a New England connection, your friend might want to have a look at Shaw & Tenney.

Terry Gallagher

GearLab paddles (although not available in custom lengths and a bit too long for the shorter paddler) are popular in Oregon/Washington's Greenland community.

Another person, far more of a gearhead, to contact would be Luke, a.k.a. Kayak Hipster--I don't have his email address, you could Google him or find contact info through his YouTube videos.

Best wishes,

Thanks, Christopher.

-- Dan

Three good options for carbon splits:

1. Nash Boat works is the only commercial USA based company I am aware of:

2. Gear Labs from Taiwan, sells the most by volume globally":

3. Lars Gram from Denmark:

Folks --

My local paddling shop would like to add a couple of commercial Greenland paddles to their inventory. I know nothing about commercial paddles, but I'm sure that there is a wealth of experience and strong opinions among QUSA people.

He'd like to start with a paddle each from two different companies. He also expressed interest in carbon fiber and in a take-apart version (despite my trying to talk him out of the latter).

Doug Gray, the shop owner, lent my my first Greenland paddle some 20 years ago. It was the first step in the quest to learn Greenland technique that was assigned to me by Bart Hauthaway. The shop is now celebrating its 35th year in business.

Ideas are most welcome. Retail experience, even more so.

Thanks in advance!

-- Dan Segal

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