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Traditional kayaking
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Flutter is generally more a matter of technique than paddle design. A canted stroke completely eliminates it. That said, flat blades and thick edges make flutter worse. The best performing blades have a lenticular cross-section, with thin edges and tips. Rounded tips are quieter than square tips, but both work well.
I use Tight Bond III for scarfs and blades and epoxy for tips( along
with dowels to reinforce the tips). Bone tips are nice but bone (cow) is
very hard on tools when cutting and shaping. Hardwood ( maple) is nice
and fairly durable.
Does anyone have a method of “tuning out” paddle blade flutter. It seems
to be a function of tip design and shaft rigidity or harmonics?
I don’t use any, I carve from solid timber that drifts ashore from Home-depot

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What kind of glue do you use to make your paddles?

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What kind of glue do you use to make your paddles?

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Thanks for the time here.

I’m interested in historical information and practices.

If anyone else is interested please feel free to contact me. Topics including modern materials and methods have absolutely no interest at all.

I will not use epoxy, carbon fiber, poly or fiberglass on any traditional paddles or boats.
I don’t need any other reason then “I don’t want too”

Enjoy the forum
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