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Yes, I usually need a few days notice for a day trip
Are you aware of the paddle launching from Esker Point tomorrow? It's posted on the connyak bulletin board. I think they are launching at 10:30 but check. My husband and I are preparing for a move and too busy to paddle right now but can I pass your email on to a couple of people?


I have been paddling 40 years, 4 seasons, my drysuit is in getting the neck fixed, I have a P&H Baidarka Explorer and Capella 173, Wilderness Systems Arctic Hawk, and I make and use Aluet type paddles.
I haven't tried rolling since the spinal or the multiple cancer surgeries because I'm not ready to try it alone.
I don't know what to tell you without knowing what kind of paddler you are. The season is coming to a close for a lot of people and the hard core winter paddlers don't post for security reasons because of the cold water. Look at the connyak bulletin board and try to email specific individuals. Or post a paddle yourself with details on distance etc. and see what response you get. Good luck!


Any other suggestions Claudine?
Still looking for people in/near CT
I did
I didn't get any reply
Post on lots of people paddle here.

Still hoping to find people to paddle with near CT

I'm late in responding to your email of Aug, 20, 2020.

I am a sea kayaker with Sebago Canoe Club in Brooklyn and I am generally on the Cape, staying at the Beach Point Club during the last 2 weeks of July--as I did this year.  I wish I had known of you before my trip to the Cape this summer during the Covid-19 era.  I didn't paddle this summer.

I have done paddles in your area (through Meet Up) with Kayak and Walk Cape Cod with Joyce as leader.  I have not heard from her in some time.
I have David Weintraub's book Adventure Kayaking: Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard which I got at the Audubon Center.  Goose Hummock does not have it.  Good book if you don't know of it.

I had to drop off a print at the Plymouth Center for the Arts, so I was back on the Cape for that.  I will have to pick up the print (because of Covid-19--no shipped prints accepted) so I will be going back for that  in a few weeks and may plan a longer trip.

Have you attended HRGF (Hudson River Greenland Festival)?  Not held this year because of the virus.

I spent the summer of 2019 making a skin-on-frame which I have yet to take out.  There is a long story to that.  My regular kayak is an Eddyline Fathom.

Hope to hear from you.

Denis (Denis Sivack)

what time

Thanks for the offer Dan! In general Sunday afternoons are good for me but, sadly, not tomorrow. I don't see a private message function on this forum, but you can reach me at
Will --

Not really a group that meets regularly, per se. But two of us are going to do a little rolling practice and maybe a short cruise inside of Plymouth beach tomorrow afternoon. Would you like to join us? 

  -- Dan

Thanks. Believe it or not I taught computer operation, troubleshooting and repair when I was in the Army and designed, built and maintained a web site for years that served around 10,000 folks in a non-profit. Yet I could not figure out how to get out of these forums. 

They are a great idea—just not for me. I live in Virginia and a friend of mine and I lead a group every Wednesday that has been operational for over 2 decades. Having groups like mine and the forum one is critically important. My group has also served to spread the use of sticks. Most use Greenland now. 


I don't mind driving to MA if I can find crash space
I'm on Cape Cod, not too far from Plymouth. It sounds like you have a group that paddles together regularly. Is there an email list or something?

I believe you just need to uncheck the box under "message delivery" see pic below.  But really we should all be applauding the New England meet-up that seems to be coming together!   This is exactly what these forums are for!!!  Kudos!!    




Have spent 15 minutes trying to find a way to remove myself from this forum. Can you provide me with a link to a page where I can do it? 


PLEASE take me off your email list!
Thank you!

Lynn Wyman
Mike you control your email preferences through your profile, you can uncheck the option to receive emails from the forum.

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Please take me off your email thank you

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