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East Greenland for sale
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Hello Ed - good to hear from you. It is a fine kayak you built. I wish I got a few more years worth of use, but the angle of sitting isn’t good for my back. Stand-up paddling and canoeing keep my back straighter. 

As for the offer, I have a few other people who have expressed an interest. I have a large garden construction project now, so I could really use the funds for supplies.


On Jul 18, 2020, at 6:41 PM, Edward J. Zachowski ( <> wrote:

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Hello Ben,

It’s Ed, the guy you purchased it from.

Hope you are well. Thanks for forwarding the listing. Having what might be some if the same back problems, I also have left the cockpit for more suitable activities. Seeing the qajaq for sale however, brought me a sense of sentimental remembrance. I would use it for display purposes and can offer $750.  I know you paid a lot more so my apologies for the low bid, actually I hope you can find someone who would really paddle it and enjoy its character!

Best Regards,

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Sadly, I must let go of my beautiful East Greenland skin on frame.

It was built at a workshop in Manzanita, OR, made to fit someone around 5'11" 175 lbs. The coaming makes for a glove-like fit. It's truly a joy to paddle. I bought and paid to have it transported from NJ a few years ago.

I have accessories including a custom made skirt, paddle float (I never used it), and nearly new Tuilik for cold weather.

See picts here:

If you're interested, please respond with your phone number and email.
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